Luther Mallory’s Stage Psychology Workshop
(August 17, 3-6pm)

Artists who take part are pushed out of their comfort zones and challenged to look deeply at self-doubt, judgment, nerves, fear, and accessing “the moment” in performance.

After a brief discussion focused on Artist mental health, and the struggles and victories of being an Artist, “The Circle” is formed which becomes the stage. Each Artist (Luther included) performs in the middle of “The Circle”, with no musical accompaniment, surrounded by the others. Luther then works to identify each Artist’s mental/emotional barriers and coaches them on how to push past their limiting beliefs and into the connected, present moment. It is in this mental space where Artists feel the most freedom to express themselves.

Artists who attend will learn…

How to control mental/emotional factors like fear, self-doubt, and nerves

How to stop over-thinking on stage and access freedom

How to stop letting the judgment obsessed mind control the performance

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